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Find is where you can search for stuff and people. You can find resources, inquiries and discussions that have been posted. You can also search here for other teachers, centres or schools who are engaged in MJ2Ex. You can use Filter by: to search for articles, pilot resources, and templates that have been posted. Perhaps you use some of the MJ2Ex resources in your own setting and find they are really helpful? Go back and share your comments and rate the resource. This will help other teachers to know what resources they also could be using …You can also search here for other teachers, centres or schools who are engaged in MJ2Ex.

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Talk is where you can … talk! You can create a discussion topic or ask a question. You can also send messages and ask for help directly from the MJ2Ex facilitator. Perhaps you are looking for articles or ideas to support your inquiry - ask the facilitator and your peers if they can help!


Create is where you can share stuff. You can post and share articles and templates. There are pilot programme resources posted here also. When you post a resource, first tick which type of resource you are posting. You need to add a short name and a longer description for the resource to guide other teachers. You could include where the resource is from, who wrote it, how you have used it, how useful it has been etc.  You can upload the resource from your computer. Add an image so that the resource can be identified – perhaps your school logo or a title page?

Create is also the place you will post six monthly progress reports on your MJ2Ex inquiries or examples of previously completed inquires. Try to post one complete file rather than a series of pages for each resource posted… or else we will become overloaded with bits of information.  Currently all resources posted will be available to all the people involved in MJ2Ex.


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My View is all about you… this is where you will find all the discussions and resources you have posted. These may be helpful evidence for appraisals and teacher registration? This is where you can look at all the latest and discussions posted to MJ2Ex.