The aim of the MJ2Ex is to build, connect and engage teachers in Montessori settings in a professional inquiry community.

The MJ2Ex model is built on evidence gathered from the 30 teachers and their teams during the MJ2Ex Pilot Programme (2013-14) and there are four important principles that underlie the implementation.

First – that we recognise that teachers are life-long learners and that they are powerful and competent at learning.

Second – that MJ2Ex is built on an inquiry process with teachers being researchers in their own classrooms.

Third -  the MJ2Ex builds on the ‘critically engaged approach to Montessori’ supported by Dr Nicola Chisnall. This approach that builds on the experimental approach of Dr Montessori and moves away from a interpretation that sees Montessori as a static model to be learnt by rote.

And finally – the implementation is built on the creation of a professional learning community … teachers working with each other and in groups to share their learning, to challenge and support each other with the aim of to improving the experiences and learning outcomes for all children and students.

The future of the MJ2Ex is in your hands … what is shared, how collaboration happens, what innovations are developed , and the engagement of more and more teachers, centres and schools will depend on the actions that you take.

The future of the MJ2Ex is organic and iterative. The way you engage will influence how MJ2Ex Online is tweaked to meet your needs and how the expectations for engagement are developed.